Knowing your Life Purpose

Figuring out your life’s purpose can be a job in itself.

I am not one of those people who knew at age four they were going to be ‘xyz’ when they grew up.

Like a lot of people I lived according to other people’s expectations. Parents’ expectations, teacher’s etc. and wound up in an accounting career because I could do it, not because I loved it. It certainly didn’t fit me like a glove.

Long story, short. I am making a transition from one career phase to another and giving this subject a lot of thought.

I waited and waited for the Grand Revelation. It didn’t happen like that.

When it comes to figuring out my life’s purpose, I have found it comes in bits and pieces, one at a time. And when a piece reveals itself it resonates with me on a deep, internal level. It just fits, a lot like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. So why not look at it like a jigsaw puzzle? And have some fun with it?

I downloaded a blank puzzle template, printed it and am filling in the pieces as they come to me, putting each phrase or idea in a separate puzzle piece. I keep this puzzle work in progress in my office where I can see it. It inspires me and gets me excited about the future. It just feels so-o-o good to know where I’m headed – finding the life purpose that fits me like a glove!

It keeps me focused on it. (Law of attraction- what you focus on expands)

It draws me to it and I take action on it. (Setting a goal, and eliminating procrastination)

It feels great because I know it’s really MINE! (It raises self-esteem)

Try it.

You don’t have to figure it out all at once. Allow it to come to you. Believe me, you will know when a piece feels right. Write the pieces on the puzzle template, look at it every day and see how it inspires you.

Then please come back here and leave a comment about your experience with it.

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